Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damini's offer lenghae

There have been several shops that have popular Asian fashions. One of retail shops discussed by Claire Dwyer that offer Asian products is named Damini's. According to Claire Dwyer, Damini's is a company that "specialize(s) in suits and argue that their designs are mainly driven by trends in the Western fashion market rather than from the sub-continent" (Dwyer 66). Damini also chooses to specialize in lenghae. Lenghae is a "a three piece ladies garment. Comprising of a long skirt blouse and veil. The skirt component being the lengha, the blouse being the choli and the veil being the dupatta." ("The Indian Lengha"). The lenghae is a product that the Indian diaspora would be attracted to. When Damini choose to incorporate lenghae products for consumption, he not only offered it to Asians, but also to non-Asians. Damini aims for a "fusion between East and West" (Dwyer 67). By choosing to aim for both, the styles that are offered in the shops still contain aspects of what a lenghae is. Moreover, the lenghae has not only become a clothing for the Indian community to wear, but also became a commodity that non-Asians choose to possess.

Ahh! The compact challenge is almost to its end. It is actually hard to believe since I have stuck to the challenge for a while. I have been waiting for a while now to start my fall shopping. I find it hard to believe that I lasted over a month without buying new clothes or such. It will be relieving to go back to my regular shopping mode.

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Inside Source: Claire Dwyer. "Tracing Transnationalities Through Commodity Culture." Reader.

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