Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fashion: Endless Possibilities

We have finally reach the end of the quarter. Yet, fashion is endless. As I quote in the beginning of my blog "In the world of fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out." That how quick the fashion world is. But the quote can also go the other way. Style can be out today, but it might be the beginning elsewhere or in the future.

As she conclude her book Fashionology, fashion no longer restricted by class like in the pass. Fashion today can be seen on the street, on the store display window, in the magazine...Like in the past, fashion was just for the elite. Now, fashion is being mass produce to serve the purpose of making more money. But still, there is a small world out there for the elite fashion like Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Coco Channel, Prada...(Kawamura)Eco fashion now slowly emerge into the fashion world. Green design becomes a new aesthetic. Since majority of people today are
going toward the green movement, fashion slowly become affect by the eco-friendly theme. Fashion is endless. It changed as people move forward and slowly adapt into the industry. I would say that these eco fashion could be more authentic due to its uniqueness. Even the Oscar is pushing toward the eco-friendly fashion movement.(Wills) The new eco-fashion become a big trend today and bring more of the new fashion for us consumer. Yet, these will be expensive as Wills said "eco fashion will be'haute' couture" (Wills)

But we have to look forward in fashion. Fashion now should be more green and be considered of the environmental issues. Just like we are doing the whole quarter long, being green and fight consumerism. Being green is quite a challenge. But once I get into it, it become a habit. Just like shopping and become the victim of consumerism. Consumerism is a desire for shopping due to influences of others. The Compact Challenge give me the push I need to be green and get over my shopaholic problem. I must admit, the challenge wasn't easy at all, but after about 5 weeks into the project, it become a habit of "think before you buy."

I know that the Compact Challenge will hunt me forever. I now know better of what to buy or not. Also I will be consider or not the choice to buy is necessary.

Tu's out!
I have a great quarter :D
Thank you!

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