Sunday, January 31, 2010

If it LOOKS the LOOK then it is therefore the LOOK!

As we have discussed in class, the process of mimicking is happening all around the world. Moreover, "with the introduction of advanced technology and production capabilities," it is a common act for the general public as a way to gain access to the higher-class and its fashion. Since appearances is central to social class status, it is essential that mimicking will serve to solidify the distinction of class. Often, the mimicking process tend to exclude the group with limited access to a certain clothing or fashion for financial reasons such as the expenses and costs of purchase.

For instance, brand name purses would be considered a big deal to a majority number of ladies. But the question is can you tell a fake bag from the real thing? It looks almost identical to me and what matters most is the person who owns the item is happy! One study found that "people judge whether a bag is real or fake based on the person wearing it." Likewise, "if the person's outfit and overall comportment seem 'high class' people tend to believe the bag they're carrying is authentic; whereas if the person's clothes seem low quality, their bag is perceived to be a Chinatown creation." I'm not a big brand name or trend follower so I can't really say I support piracy nor do I take sides. But it just seems unfair to be "judging a book by its cover," yet everyone is constantly judging one another and discriminating each other.

I can sympathize for both sides' negative and positive impact. It's not hard to understand that the designers are accredited to set a price that they want to sell their products since they were at work coming up with the new design. So, it hurts them when they do not make enough profit as they intend to. But from a consumer's point of view, I can say that pirated items are a good source as an alternative to fashion at a more manageable budget. Fashion used to be that only the people with more wealth and money can access brand name items but nowadays anyone can get access to the same if not similar "celebrities look" or "brand name items" at a lower expense. If mimicking is the only way to gain access to the higher class and perceive the image of a wealthy person then be it. Of course the fake items doesn't fool everyone who are aware of the fashion, but it is successful at making the person owning the item happier because they do not appear as the outcast but someone with "wealth." My motto is to "keep moving forward" and try not to compare yourself because you are all you have so why negotiate for something you don't have? Instead, just appreciate what you already have and enjoy life more rather than wasting your time with what's fake and what's real. Would you rather be miserable for being broke because you just purchase a diamond ring with all the money you have? or would you rather be happy with the money you do have? I mean, come on, you can choose to spend that amount of money on something else such as donating to charity or spend it on a family's vacation or something more worthwhile than regret later on spending money on something that is in one day and out the next(fashion)?

The good news for my compact challenge is that I still haven't bought any new clothes or "brand name purses." However, this past week the refrigerator at my apartment was broken so I ended up eating out a lot more than ever because all the foods I had went bad and were thrown out due to a broken frig. I have to say, food is equally expensive if not more expensive than spending on clothes. Well, I guess I can say that because my clothes are not that crazily expensive! But anyways, eating out is really expensive and sometimes does not even taste good or worthwhile. I usually eat the foods my mom made for me from home or cook for myself but I have been too busy with school that I have not had the opportunity to go home for mom's home cooked meals or even have time to cook anymore. On another note, I still haven't found the perfect pair of rain boots and the weather forecast says it's going to rain all week again this week. That's just great, just my luck. What a hectic week it had been. Until next time, take care y'all!

Blog #5 by Thuy Duong

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