Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fast Fashion, Fast Food

In my last blog, I discussed the ease in which we throw away food that we do not appreciate. Today I'd like to compare it with fashion, thanks to a very interesting article on that I read back in August titiled, "We Love Cheap Stuff, but Fast Fashion is Hard to Defend: by Sadie Stein. In this article, Stein compares the trendy clthes from Forever 21 to a meal at McDonalds, "Just as McDonald's is no substitute for a nice — or healthy — meal, a trip to Forever21 doesn't make you feel especially good. It's loud and chaotic, the sizes are all over the place, employees are often disaffected, you make poor decisions - sometimes just to avoid the hassle of a dressing-room line. Perhaps, as in the case of fast food, fast fashion is yet another degredation of our quality of life." She argues that while Forever 21 clothes may be cheaper, the more basic ensembles last longer, is worn more often, and is of better quality. I whole heartedly agreee. Hasn't everyone looked into their closet and wondered why they bought such ugly clothes in the first place? Today I am wearing black work pants from Express that were a gift to me from the 8th grade. Nearly 8 years later, i still continue to wear them while some of my fast fashion items were worn once and now just sit on the other side of my closet (somewhat) forgotten.

Now this isn't the first time we've critisized Forever 21, remember the article "Forever in Trouble?" by Chuck Q. Bun? Forever 21 has been critisized for their unfair labor practices, and continues to not listen to boycotter's calls.

Well now I've just give you a second reason to boycott Forever 21. These fast fashions are dangerous because, not only does it waste money for the consumers, but they also are a waste of the earth's resources.

Janice Lam
Blog #3
Chuck Q. Byun. "Forever in Trouble?"

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